Friday, October 12, 2012

God, School, Guys, and making it all work.

Life has gotten awfully crazy in the last month or so, Summer brought me closer to God then ever, and then school started. I never realized quite how hard it was to find the strength and the courage everyday to stand up and do whats right. My language has gotten awful, and other things have begun to to creep into taking more priority then my spiritual life. I never understood Gods grace until now, its such a beautiful thing that He will take us back into loving arms after a very sinful day, but I still struggle with guilt even after being forgiven. Everyday i go into school with a Godly mindset, but by the end of the day I have screwed up so much that I cant believe that God still loves me the way He did before old habits snuck back into my days. People criticize me when I do happen to be strong and do whats right, and that makes it quite difficult. I guess this is what He was talking about when He said that we must be different and set the bar, even if it means being judged and outcast. This too shall pass, hopefully sooner then later!