Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Young People and the Gospel

As young adults, we are constantly searching for ways to work around the rules and have as much fun as possible. So, when we start digging into theology and realize that being a Christian is going to be the furthest thing from easy, we tend to stray from Christ so that we don't have to worry about the restrictions and rules that He may bring to our table. Staying pure,
refraining from using inappropriate language, and treating others with decency are things Christ declares important, however these are not things that are easy to do. A lot of the time I find myself thinking that life would be simpler and more fun without Christ, but deep down I know that these restrictions are placed for and in my best interest. Commonly discussed themes in youth events are things that you cannot do, and that Christ is there for broken people. Now, don't get me wrong, Christ is there for broken people and there are thing we shouldn't do. But when teaching young people about Christ, shouldn't it be focused on building solid relationships with Him and filled with more praise? As a young adult, I would be so much more apt to respond to teachings if they were filled with what you can do for Christ, not what Christ can do for you, but shown and modeled in a joyful manner. We need to see Jesus as role model and someone that is like an older brother more so then someone that calls our shots. We need to be shown that He isn't about rules, but about us.

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