Thursday, August 2, 2012

Religion vs. Jesus

For quite some time, I have felt that there was something wrong with the way my church interacted and the way we read the bible or worshiped. I have finally started to realize the problem...we are religious. We are constantly striving to earn Gods grace and love. We put our masks on and come to church, trying to be perfect. We are constantly trying to follow the rules, but that just leads to a legalistic walk with God. We read the bible as it pertains to us, when really the bible isn't about us at all. Its about God. We judge others based upon their sin, while in actuality, their excessive smoking or drinking isn't any different then our own thoughts against them. We don't know how to do community because we are so caught up in our own legalistic nature that we can't find the time to love others as we were meant to do. Jesus didn't come to save a perfect people. He came to save a broken world, and gave his blood for us. Trying to put on the perfect act isn't going to get us anything but a life of chasing something we cannot reach. We are constantly trying to do enough stuff to be perfect, but Jesus has already done all that we need. We need to accept that we aren't perfect, and allow ourselves to fall for a God that loves us more then life(:


  1. Just a reminder, those people at "that church" are sinners saved by grace. I agree that none of us are perfect, and you make some great comments about it, but; speaking inclusively and from a non-judgmental place toward the Church is always the best way to approach these conversations. Perhaps the people at "that church" are not pretending... perhaps, they are coming to church to set those problems on the altar.

    Perhaps, people are trying to serve God through the church the best way they know how. Start looking through the lens of love to the people, even inside the church, that Jesus rose from the grave for. =) Love you. And if you want to talk more sometime, let me know. I would love to.