Friday, June 29, 2012


Hey! My name is Sarah, and soon I hope to know your name as well. I'm a young lady that every day battles with right and wrong; trying to carry out God's plan for me. With the amount of sin that's in the world today, its not ever easy to follow God's plan. Sometimes I wonder if its even worth trying, and a whole lot of the time I think that life would be so much simpler without Him and his plan, but then I look back across my short life, and realize that I could quite possibly not be typing away today if it weren't for him. I struggle daily with peer pressure and just wanting to fit in. I have never fit in and I am coming to believe that I never will. I have and probably always have been that nerdy kid; the one that always has her face in a book and is always done with her work early. So, when faced with situations that could make me "cooler" but are not morally sound, I tend to become weak and do what seems cool. Thank goodness God is forgiving. Without his forgivness, I dont know where  I would be today. That's where I come back to after thinking that life would be simpler without Him, but wouldn't it be nice to not have to worry about staying pure until marriage, or not saying "that" word? I suppose it would for awhile, but eventually I would assume that we would all come to the conclusion that he had those limits set in our best interest. Right now, I am trying to decide where in the sam heck to go to high school. Yeah, I know, right? Such a small thing, but something that could turn into something huge! To be quite honest with you, I dont even know what God has planned for my High School. Ive tried praying, yeah, that didnt do it. So, theres a whole lot of confusion and frusteration in my life right now. But hey, isnt that what life is for? I can only hope that He will use this frusteration for something great, I sure hope that he reveals what he wants soon though...

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